7 idées de cadeau de naissance original et utile, qui plairont aussi aux parents !

7 ideas for an original and useful birth gift, which will also please parents!

Do not search anymore ! If birth lists are undeniably practical (we are clearly not the ones who would say the opposite!), we sometimes want to surprise parents by offering a totally unique gift, something a little out of the ordinary, to which they might not have thought about it.

Well, we obviously keep in mind that Baby will be happy to drool over everything that is offered to him, so it is essential to choose birth gifts that meet the parents' needs, especially if they have little of space and are looking for truly functional objects for their child… while being at least a little pretty! That's why we wrote this article: we are here to help you find gifts that will delight babies AND their parents.

Whether you're looking for baby shower gifts for girls, for boys or unisex gifts, we have many options to offer you. Follow the leader !

A toy that also serves as decoration

This rainbow looks great on a child's bedroom shelf, and it can also double as a stacking toy or teething toy. Made from real wood, it allows little ones to practice hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and color recognition. Available in 5 great colors.

A hooded bath towel

You can never have too many bath towels, and those with a hood are particularly practical, in addition to being very cute. There are all kinds of them, but I admit to having a weakness for those with animal motifs, whether it's something classic like an elephant or a lamb, or something more trendy like a pink flamingo or a fox.

A set of diapers

THE useful birth gift par excellence, but not only that. All parents will confirm it to you: we always need diapers! Blanket, swaddle, bib, nursing cover, floor mat, parasol...the uses of a swaddle are endless! What's nice is that there are swaddles in a multitude of patterns. There is literally something for everyone!

A security blanket

Ok ok, we can hardly call a cuddly toy an original birth gift! That's fine, but it's still a safe bet: a cuddly toy provides comfort, security and soothing to the baby, thus promoting their emotional development. There are all types of comforters, from the rabbit comforter in cotton gauze to the giraffe comforter, including our crochet animal rattles . By offering a cuddly toy, we offer much more than a simple toy, but constant emotional support throughout childhood... yes, yes!

A play mat

Giving a baby a play mat means giving them a cozy and secure place to explore and move, while stimulating their senses with varied colors and textures. In the first months of a newborn's life, parents particularly need a "safe" space to place their little bundle, where they can play and interact with it. Our leaf-shaped play mat , in addition to being stylish, is super easy to transport, so baby can enjoy it anywhere, at home, at grandparents' house or even while traveling!

A personalized wooden puzzle

There's nothing like personalized birth gifts to score points: yes, it proves that we didn't make a sudden stop at the local Super U 15 minutes before meeting the little wonder! A personalized first name puzzle helps stimulate baby's ego and brain, while also being a great decorative object for their room.

A personalized children's room poster

Another personalized gift that is always appreciated: the birth poster. There are plenty of personalized nursery wall art available, in every design and color imaginable. All you have to do is subtly uncover the theme of the nursery, and you can find a piece of art as unique as the baby to go with it.

Are some original and useful birth gift ideas missing from this list? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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